Chop Everything !!

I really like the looks of the iconic S&S tear drop air cleaner. I had this old Super G cover that was a bit fucked. Perfect candidate for choppin'.  

I wanted the indent in the centre of the carb mouth. As you can see the lettering isn't exactly centred, but whatever.

Backing Plate made up. when building this thing I realized the air filter would cover the bowl vent. Well fuck. After a little pondering I milled a slot into the clean air. I can't see why it won't work.

I had an old air filter catalogue that has them listed by size. I found the perfect filter. It fits snug around the backing plate mounting bolts. And the cover still mounts with the stock bolt locations

Oh fuck yeah! Here it is all done and ready to rock. It's not perfect, but its hand-made and beautiful.

Thanks to El Mother Fucking Beardo for all the help in welding this up. 
You rule Brother!