Deathwheelers in Cuba

Last week I got to escape the winter and snow and fly south to Cuba for a week.  

One of the hundreds of old cars in Havana

These were the only Harleys I seen. Two of them don't count. Haha.

Look at this! I wish I could have met the owner. Lots of different parts used on this one. Anything to keep it running.

My scooter I rented to rip around Cuba.

My lady and I ripping it up. We came back from the little town in the dark. No glasses and into the worst head wind ever. We're lucky if we could do 30 km/hr! Still had a blast, laughing our asses off the whole way.

This was the slowest scooter I've ever seen. Still had a blast. It ain't a chopper, but two wheels is better then no wheels

Setting land speed records. 
Summoning Rollie Free...