Panhead Progress

It seems like forever since this bike was running. It's been a slow process of gathering parts and pieces for this engine rebuild. It's amazing how many awesome people I've dealt with getting this back together. 

I got a great friend and old timer, who is constantly telling me how awful choppers are, but still seems to like me. Haha. He's been putting this together for me one part at a time. He is my go to guy for everything I can't handle. This guy can pretty much do it all. Amazingly talented and has taught me more then any school ever did.

My local shop, Old Dudes Cycle. This is your dream Indy shop. Wayne is a saint among men. The parts and advice is incredible. People local to here are fortunate to have a shop like this.

Choppers rule. Riding. Building. It goes hand in hand. Riding a bike is fun, but riding a chopper, and more specifically, one that you built yourself? Well son, there ain't no better feeling. 
This is going to be a great 2017 !!

Flywheels all assembled and trued/balanced.

It's coming together

Awwww Yeah! It's getting close.