Panhead Progress

Winter is almost here and its choppin' time. New bars are half mocked up. I don't have a tube bender so I had a buddy make me up a bunch of bends. A little cutting and welding and boom, new bars. New Frisco mount Sporty tank. It had a recessed cap which looked like shit. I have a custom made filler neck and stainless steel cap in the works. New/old seat. I have like 10 hours into this seat pan to fit the frame. I think it turned out great. And its amazingly comfortable. New rear fender. It's fitting pretty decent. I still have to get working on a sissy bar.
The motor is starting to come back together. It was pretty much fucked. Even the cases. But they're fixed and will hopefully be going back together soon. 

Even my dog had to get in the pic. He's feeling pretty sad since he just had a little chopping done too. He lost his nuts, but his hearing has never been better! Haha.