One man's opinion

I can't do it. I sat on a buddys big bagger. And just can't even imagine having to ride that ever in my life. Even thinking about loading my girl and all our shit on it and seeing the country. Fuck that. Take a car, your halfway there on a Road Queen. I'd be so fucking bored lugging that heavy lump  around. Even with a big inch motor it'd be a fucking mess with every bit of that massive fairing blocking everything. You can't see the road underneath ya whipping by. Or that 21 out front singing. Can't see every single working part of your fucking bike ? Fuck that. I need to see it all working and churning in all of its greasy fuckin glory. This chopper I built with my own two fuckin hands. I know every bit of this bike. And know it's built to the fucking best of my ability. And sometimes that ain't good enough. That just makes you reengineer shit. Building better and badder. Fuck a bagger.