Fall Down 2015

A few weeks ago at Chopmeet the idea of having a small run to somewhere centrally located was brought up by the Prince Albert crew. The PA PArty crew went to work and found us a decent location at Manitou Beach with great accommodations. We all had an absolute blast, despite me seizing my motor in my Panhead. That really sucked but after 11 years and not having any major work done, it was to be expected. Here's a few pics

My buddy Gerard and I leaving

A little roadside stop with Kelly, Kyla and our buddy Chris

Rollin' dirty moments before catastrophic engine failure

This was a few moments after the engine locked up. I was a little pissed, but how can I be pissed at this pretty lady. She's served me well for tons of miles

El Beardo suggested me to give this book a read.

Oh fuck. Who gave the drunk guy the gun?

DanceLand. This place was built in the 20's. Horse hair cushioning under the dance floor. We busted in and had the whole place looking at the group of us, thinking we're there to fuck shit up. What a blast, dancing it up with these old gals. 

These two struck out with the ladies. 

Gelvis looking boss as fuck!

Praying to the Shovelhead gods

Hey Beardo, how big are the DeathWheelers Balls?

Hey baby... here's an idea

The DeathWheelers presented a trophy for the baddest dude who exemplifies the chopper ways. After talking to this young dude named Jordan and hearing him tell us about him riding some janky chopper he just bought, across the US and not making it home. Plus seeing his other low buck bike there, it was no contest. 
This little fuckin ruler deserved it!