Welcome To My Hazzard

 Well its been awhile since I posted shit... had technology problem.. anyways I  felt my bike needed a new look once again, and it may stay like this..but we'll see.. Started by choppin my keystone bars, really dig em now..

 At the same time I stripped and primed my fender, also got a new king sporty tank and primed it also..
 Went with an orange that would suit me for what I'm shooting for..tested em out on the bike and was digging em. Also added 6" risers, love the look with the newly chopped keystones..
 Now you can obviously see with the decals my buddy made up for me
on what I'm doin with my chopper but your wrong! Its not a General Lee
themed bike! Ok it pretty much is but my name is Gregory Lee, so... Ya
its the Gregory Lee!

 Got the Deathwheelers DW's in the stars..Nice touch I thought..  Here I was replacing my belt, realized I don't gotta take the front pulley nut off to do so..Fuk Ya!

          Got the new belt on, put gas in er..Kicked this sum bitch for a week straight! It wanted to start, but told me to fuck off.. I knew it wasn't major so I tried new plugs, same thing, cleaned old plugs..started right up.. then I went for a test run but gas was pissing out each ends of my filter.. changed filter and...well next day..
After tons of swearing and "What the Fuck Do You Want!?!?" It finally
fired up and Holy Shit how happy I was but still giving it the evil eyes..
Weather was +5 this morning and I rode to work at 7am and all was good, 
rode home after work at +18 and she ran smooth and now I'm ready once
again for the this chopper riding season of 2015! 
           Welcome to my Hazzard County, I am the Duke of Deathwheelers and if ya see a 2 wheeled
 01 Gregory Lee Chopper racing down the grids... chances are I got moonshine in my tool bag and runnin'
from the law! ... or just leaving work cuz I got 4 miles of grid to get outta there Haha! Cheers to what 2015 riding season brings!