Wide-Glide tubes in Narrow Glide trees...

I've always thought this would look so sweet, having beefy tubes in narrow trees. Since I have more time than money I thought I could likely do this without having to buy some aftermarket trees. Plus the satisfaction of accomplishing this job is pretty awesome. Also having a machinist buddy who does me tons of favours on stuff I can't do at home, helped big time.

Narrow glide 39mm trees bored out to 41mm. Lots of meat left on 'em.

First thing first get the tubes in the trees and figure out wheel spacing. I wasn't sure if a Narrow Glide wheel would even fit. It physically fit between the legs and after machining an axle spacer I had the wheel dead nuts centered and running true.
Now to move on to the brake. I would love to run a spool hub and no front stopper, but I rely on that front brake a lot and just can't live with out it. 
Looking at the pic, there is fuck all for room for a disc. Thankfully the hub has all kinds of meat on it. Perfect for trimming down and making room for the disc. This is where having a friend with a huge lathe comes in handy. After a bit of calculation I figured I needed to remove .155 thou. He chucked the complete wheel in there and machined it off the brake rotor surface. Easy peasy

Time to go full chopper on these legs

After assembling the front end its time to figure out the brake caliper. No problem I'll make an A dapter plate. I went to the local scrap yard and bought this hunk of 1" thick aluminum. I wanted 3/4" but had to go with what I could find.
After a whole lot of fucking around and trial and error but I got it fitted and running true.

This is the finished piece

Here it is on the bike. I'm pretty happy that it's spot on and works like it should 

But it was ugly!
 A few speedholes helped it look a little cooler.

Looking tough as fuck!