Shovelhead Update

Lots has been happening on my old FLH. It's getting new tanks and fenders, a police style solo seat, tank shift and a new top end. 

I've never painted anything that didn't come out of a spray can, so this was all new to me. A quick 15 minute lesson from the guy who sold the paint and I was off and running. I borrowed a gravity feed spray gun from El Beardo and got to it. My buddy Cory stopped by and he was a huge help. He had a lot more experience than me. (he watched a 7 minute how to video on YouTube)
I put the first coat down and he put down the second coat. He was kicking ass so he laid down the third and final layer.

It's nowhere near a proffesional job, but it looks pretty damn good. A little bit of orange peel and some specks of dust here and there, but pretty good over all.

I love the colour, but I plan on taking the shine off, making it look a little bit washed out and more vintage looking.

Rock star paint works. Vintage civilian gas mask actually worked pretty decent.

This is were the engine sits right now. The top end is off for a rebuild. It had some pretty sever piston slap. Both pistons were collapsed. I have new slugs coming and hope to get it buttoned up soon.