Shovelhead seat project

Here's a little seat project I'm working on for my Shovelhead. It's a stock Harley police solo seat that I sandblasted and then body filled all the indents and gave it a shot of gloss black. The plan is to cover the steel seat pan in leather only and rivet  it down with some nickel finish rivets. I ordered the leather and rivets and went at it. I rough cut a hunk of leather and soaked it in hot water for 10 minutes. Not knowing exactly how this would form to the curvy seat pan I just used my hands to fit the leather. It was incredibly easy to form. It dried super tight and held its shape. It even stuck to the seat pan a little.
Right now I've glued it to the seat pan and will drill and rivet it tomorrow.
I was gonna dye it black, but I'm thinking about maybe leaving this a natural leather. Just wash it and oil it to get a uniform look.