A few of us DEATHWHEELERS made the ride to Saskatoon this weekend for what we were anticipating to be the coolest chopper themed weekend ever.........we were not dissappionted.
This show put on by Jordan and Brian was completely mind blowing. 45's, knuckleheads, panheads, shovelheads, ironheads, triumphs, 650 yammy's and everything old in between was at this show all in chopper form. 147 choppers I heard was the last count. to be honest, that was fucking amazing! Kelly, Cory, his lady Monique and I headed up Friday morning to start off the weekend. Met up with Prodigy Saturday morning and headed to the swap meet. Spent some money there then all lined up for the ride to Dundurn for the chopper party. Soooo many stories and great memories went down I ain't gonna type em all out. Snapped a few pics so I'll let them do the talking and fill ppl in as I see them lol.

I have more pics but there's just too many to fuck with now.

Vids stolen from Instagram

A special thanks to Cory's lady Monique for hauling our stuff and making sure we knew where the fuck we were going! And to her buddies Kim and Dillan for feeding us and storing our bikes and just being completely some of the coolest people I've ever met! Hospitality like no other. You 3 rule!! 

And Congratulations to Prodigy and his wife on having their newest edition to their family Sunday morning!!! Did you name it Cory?? LoL