We Rode Our Bikes to Trailer Fest

St. Victor 2014
Attendance was only around the 450 mark this year. Very low. We still had a blast cause the company we had was amazing! Only snapped a few photos so here they are.

Setting up, no that's not our camper.
Kelly and I bought that little red tent. It sucked so I traded it for 2 burgers on Saturday. 

Best fukn bikes there

Gelvis helpin out the niece and sis in law........got that 'I Tried' stance

chillin around the fire

Rollin Out

Like to thank Chris and Christine for haulin all our soaked crap back to town Sunday. That ruled!!
Thanks to Kev and Cherri for the great time and laughs!
Also thanks to all the ppl who stopped by and checked out our scoots and visited with us.

And special thanks to the fukn asshole with the SUV pullin a bike on a trailer that passed Gelvis, Me and Kelly up a hill, in the rain, on that skinny ass highway and almost took us out. Maybe if you rode that bike more you'd have realized how much of a DICK move that was. Thumbs down fukr.