St. Victor 2014

This years St. Victor was a mellow one. The rain seemed to scare off a lot of riders, but it didn't stop the campers one bit. They were out in full force. The DeathWheelers were also out in full force representin' the chopper scene.
There was like zero choppers other than our stuff, which was an amazing lineup. If Tyler would have had his Knuck running we would have had it covered. Knuckle, Pan, Shovel, Ironhead XL, Evo and the fucking coolest Triumph rolling around south Sask.
We got wet coming down and we got wet coming back, but the rain stayed away all day Saturday. That made for an awesome time hanging out with old friends and new friends. It was great to have Kevin (Gunchop) and his lady Cheri ride in from Northern Sask.
It was a great time for sure, I can't wait until we do all again.

Early morning departure. It fuckin' rained 2 minutes after this pic was taken.

Who's chops? Our Chops

I feel bad I never got any pics of Potgorney's Trump

I even spotted SoundGarden's lead guitar player!

Gettin' Dirty

Coming home I brought 2- 1 litre gas bottles with me just tom be safe. I ran out earlier than I expected and added the two bottles. They never got me very far. I walked to a farm house and a little old lady gave me some fuel. I tried everything to pay her for it but he insisted I just take it. This is how it is living in Saskatchewan. Thank you little old lady. I will definitely pay it forward.

This is what I thought about the rain coming home.

Even road worn and dirty I still look good! I even tried dragging a comb through that mess. Nope.