Shovelhead Chop

This is my buddy's Shovelhead chop that we built in my shop this winter. We both got our stock FLH frames reworked at Haifley Bros shop two winters ago and we just got to building this one this past winter. This bike is a little of the old mixed with the new. At times I questioned his choices in some of his ideas and choice of parts, but it was his vision and who am I to stop it . There's a mix of vintage and new parts on this. Fitting a rear disc brake in such a narrow frame with a modern 150 tire was a massive bastard of a task. But I custom fit a stock HD softail brake in there. I'm pretty proud with how that all turned out.
In the end, as this bike came closer and closer to being finished I was digging it more and more. It's a bad ass little chopper that's gonna rule the streets!

There's still some small issues to deal with, but hey, it's a fuckin' chopper. Shit like that will never end. 

From humble beginnings

Aftermarket wideglide trees with stock HD narrowglide dual disc legs and an aftermarket rear hub put on a front hoop, made for a monumental pain in the ass to figure out. It's fuckin' tip top right now!

Had some of my DW bros come out for a garage day in the winter, and we got a whole lot of shit done.

Final assembly moving right along. It's starting to look like something here. The fine lines on the tank and fender were done by my buddy Koolkat. Always top notch work from him

Just add gas. Ready to fire it up.

Just hanging out ready to put down some miles.

I'm gonna miss having this one around.