Buell Bomb

After years of unmerciful flogging, my Buell Chop spat out a rod and exploded the cases. Flat out, shifting into 5th & it let go. The rear wheel locked up momentarily which felt like it was trying to buck me off. Then the tire locks again sending me sideways sliding in hot oil. I come off the rear brake and it miraculously straightens out. I slither off the road leaving a trail of hot oil and aluminum chunks. Despite fragging a motor, I feel pretty lucky nothing worse happened. I phoned a buddy to bring a truck and load the dead leaking lump. While waiting for the truck I did a bit of a walk about and found some of the bigger hunks of case. Offerings to the gods of speed?
They say they run the best right before they blow up. I would have to agree with that statement. I was just getting the new Super E carb dailed in, and it was making tons of power.