2014 Revolution X

I just read about Harley introducing a brand new smaller bike. It looks like a fucking Sons of Idiocy mixed with a Honda Rebel. 

This is what HD had to say:
The new engines, which the company calls Revolution X, are also liquid-cooled, in a break from Harley’s air-cooled tradition. They represent what customers have said they want, said Matt Levatich, Harley-Davidson’s president and chief operating officer. While they are smaller, the new models are still “authentic,” Levatich told Speakeasy. In part, that means they have a distinctive look and sound, and have metal tanks, fenders and other parts that many manufacturers make with plastic.  

I dunno... I've never seen an authentic Harley with a Radiator before?? I couldn't find any info on where they will be manufactured. I'm gonna guess India.

In my opinion they look like like ass, but they will likely sell a fuck ton of em. The one thing these little bikes are going to do is make all the Sporty riders who suffer from an inferiority complex feel way better about themselves. Now they'll be the assholes spouting off about how they should be buying a real Harley*

* please note, I am not one of these asshats who think a Sportster is not a "real Harley" (and not all Sporty riders have this complex)  I never got why some people have to put down a Sporty. Sportsters fuckin' rule!!

Introducing the 2014 Harley Davidson Revolurion X  

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