Shovel Chop Update

Trying to figure out a rear brake for this bike has been tough. His original HD floating caliper deal was way to fat to fit. I was going to put on a sweet little Tokico four piston but it turned out to have way to much offset. The next plan was to look at other aftermarket brake kits, but they're stupid expensive. I had this old big twin caliper around and never even thought of using it until now. It had a fair amount of offset built into it, but with a little lovin' it would fit for sure.

Stock late 90's HD caliper with the big bulky brake stay hacked off.

I ended up having to mill just shy of 3/8" off the part that mounts to the axle and even a bit of material leading into the caliper. I still have to take a flap disc to clean it up some, but it turned out awesome!

I still have to make a little slotted tab for a brake stay, but this turned out awesome. You can't beat the placement of the caliper all tucked into the frame like that. I'm super happy with how this all turned out