Seat / Fender Combo

I've had this idea in my head for some time now. Kind of a drag race inspired all in one seat and fender. I started this project by flipping through my Brolodex and calling up my buddy El Beardo. He hooked me up with this chunk of rolled sheet metal. Thanks mang!!

I needed a little tighter radius than his bender would allow. The only way I could figure out was to chop that shit in half length ways,

Ghetto sharpie holder/leveller jig

Seeing as I don't have a plasma cutter I took that shit outside to rip through it with an angle grinder.

Cutting it length ways and then cutting that piece in half proved to be the best way to do this. It allowed me to fit each side separately, trim and square the rear part then tack it, and then cut and weld in a wedge in the front. 

I skipped a few steps here... I cut the seat pan part out of the other half of the original piece then welded an extension on it and re-shaped the curve a bit. Fitting the seat pan to the fender section was a real bastard. Tons and tons of grinding and fitting over and over trying to keep it square. This is what I came up with.
Still trying to figure out how the sides should go

I cut up an old beer box (thanks Don!!) for a template.

Found a shape I liked and cut it out then folded it over to the other side to match

This what I came up with. I still have to cut and shape the seat pan yet.
I'm thinking about cutting a bit more off the sides. Like maybe another inch or inch and a half yet. 
I think it's a little too big and bulky yet.
If anyone has any comments or suggestions or ideas I'd like to hear 'em.