Meanwhile on the flip side of DeathWheelin'......

I cant stop thinking about this bike.

Erik Buell throws another punch at the sportbike market with the impressive new 1190RX revealed today at the inaugural AIMExpo in Orlando, Florida. Although based on the existing low-production 1190RS, EBR reps claim there are 426 new parts on the RX.
Highlights include full-color TFT instrumentation, a 21-level traction-control system and an LED headlight. Lightweight materials, including a magnesium subframe, keep pounds down to just 419 ready to ride (but without fuel).Also some impressive numbers to note: 185 horsepower; 102 ft-lb of torque; and a 186-plus-mph top speed. And the most important number: $18,995 for an MSRP.