Sask RAGE Show Part II

Pre flight meeting at the Regina DW Headquarters

Best damn line up of Choppers South Sask has to offer. 
More that just a pretty face, these fuckers are ridden and flogged unmercifully!

Show winner. Aftermarket STD Panhead. Not sure on the cubic inches or really anything on this bike. I never did see the owner around. Pretty sweet machine built by Cycle Boyz. 

Not quite sure what this pointy thing is for other than making you bleed out walking by it in the garage.

This is my buddy's father in law, Henry's Ducati race bike. He told me this lil bastard only weighs 230 pounds. Damn! This isn't the first race bike he's built, and it won't be the last. Top notch craftsmanship all around.

Crusty Custom? 

Our good buddy Lloyd's homebuilt. You got to see this bike to appreciate all the custom touches. Not a chopper in the traditional sense, but definitely custom in every way.

These dudes rule! They roll in on these deathtraps and piss off a whole lot of the leather doo rag crowd. I fuckin' love it!!

All in all I had a great day. Hanging out with the best crew ever, and getting a few miles in was awesome. The show was pretty good, although I was really hoping to see more home built chops to show up. Hopefully more people hear about it and come out next year.