Sask RAGE Event

So I finally left the comfort of my garage and with Kelly and Gelvis at my side we ventured to Regina for the Sask Rage Bike and Tattoo show this Sunday. We started out at Cory's house, a very familiar starting point, and met up with Lloyd and we all blasted out in search of choppers. With hopes of seeing some cool bikes, we trekked thru the downtown streets to our destination. At no real surprise, we were greeted by a sea of chaps, baggers and the occasional doo rag, but this is the norm and we have accepted it. But amongst the leathery river of dullness lurked a few gems that stuck out to us and were totally worth checking out. These are all the pics I took but I'm sure Cory can add a few that I had missed. Turned out to be a gorgeous day and a great ride, especially cause I was in great company lol. Pretty good turn out for a first event, and was glad to see some familiar faces. 

Pre show chow down at Luigi's Come watch the bottomless stomach of Gelvis!!

Cycle Boyz built pan. Show Winner


Very clean pan, who blasted off before we got a chance to speak to the owner. We think we know you lol.

Old Dudes Cycle owners Shovels

RedChina HoboSickle