Chopmeet 3

This Saturday was the 3rd annual Chopmeet in Saskatoon. This was a swap meet / ride-in chopper show. I went last year and had a blast. No way was I gonna miss this years event, since it can only get bigger and better. It was definitely bigger and for sure better!

Me and my buddies Don and Lloyd loaded up a shit ton of parts and my Panhead Chop, and at the break of dawn we headed north. This year it was held at Bernie's Machine Shop. In a brand new addition. It was the perfect venue for a swap meet. They had the street blocked off and it was nothing but chopper and chopper related goodness. I dunno how many tables there were... at least 30 plus. I didn't sell a whole lot, but I did find a few things I couldn't leave without. 

It was nice to see a lot of old friends and meet some new people like our buddy Tyler's, brother Troy. Fuckin' great guy. Plus, after I dunno how long I finally met Kevin. AKA Gunchop. It was damn nice to finally put a face to the name.

Pre weekend wash. This is the first bath I gave this old girl this year. I thought I should try'n clean her up a bit. Plus I didn't want to get all greasy loading this bitch on my truck.

My buddy Kool Kat touching up a few lines for me the night before

Unloading our wares at Bernies Machine Shop

Inside view of the swap. 

Tons of choppers everywhere! 

These are the two dudes who put it all on. Jordan (left) and Brian (right) plus their choppers. Much thanks to these two for the great event they put on for all of us.

Jordan's Shovelhead. This bike is just so... right.

Brian's Knucklehead chop. This thing is all kinds of cool.

Have a look at this foot shift. Damn impressive way of finding a gear. I had to ask him for a demonstration. Heel shift/ primary cover foot rest. Fucking full on Chopper!

Best paint. - By far. 


Cholo choppers...

More choppers

Completely cool use of an oil bag lid.

Give away custom tool box and hand made table w/drawers

Scads of give away prizes

Hand made trophies

Completely bad ass Panhead. I never got a chance to meet this guy(Fifty). This bike is so fucking righteous. 

I briefly talked to the owner (Adam??) of this completely fucking stunning lil chopper. This was my pick of the litter. Such a simple, clean no nonsense chop. I had a chance to really check this bike out and it is fucking nice.

Even more chops...

So we get to the show and I fire up my Panhead to pull it into the show and my motherfucking clutch plates have rusted solid from washing it the day before. As soon as I drop it in gear- its fully engaged. I fucked with it and couldn't free it up. I had Don push start me and I ripped around trying like hell to get it unstuck with no luck. At this point I was fully bummed right out.... like push it back on the truck and get the fuck out of there. Man, I was not happy. Jordan said don't worry, push it in, nobody gives a fuck. I did push it in and felt like a total tool doing it. I got over it and enjoyed the show anyways despite the problems. As the show is winding down and they gather everyone around for the announcements, they call my name as the winner of this here Beer keg cooler AND $ 200 bucks cash to put towards a keg!!!! Holy shit, turn that frown upside down! I never win shit and here I am picking up the grand prize! Holy hell that fucking ruled!

I also picked up this banner. Excellent wall hanger for the shop.

Fuck you rusty clutch!