Ride to Camp / CVMG Gravelbourg rally Weekend.

I had an awesome weekend getting together with some good friends and some new friends. I had to delay my ride waiting for the rain to stop, which seemed to take forever. I finally got on the road and hauled ass south. I stopped in MJ and hooked up with our buddy Tyler and his buddy Ron and we split for Ardil and some road refreshments, then on to Gravelbourg to meet up with the rest of the crew. Beardo and Kelly fed everyone some award winning chili, which I had a metric ton of. Then capped it off with some homemade cheese cake. Thanks Kelly!
We then made our way out to the middle of fucking nowhere and set up camp and got ready to rock out to some of the best live music I've ever heard. Seriously, these dudes rocked. I was a little disappointed they never played Freebird like I asked! Ha ha!! Drank a pile of the finest(worst fucking hooch ever) bourbon Assiniboia Liquormart had to offer. Sat around the fire, rocking out and having fun. To top it all off, being out in the middle of nowhere we got to see the sky like you get to see it in the city. Plus with the meteor shower this weekend we seen all kinds of shooting stars. I seen at least four in less then ten minutes. Awesome!
This is what summer is about. Great riding, getting together with friends and having a good time.


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