Ironhead Rides Again

So the last year has been rough on Kelly's old ironhead. It's been torn apart since December awaiting new parts and assembly. Been a long road and finally got to reap the spoils and she got to ride it on the Deathwheeler Ride to Camp. Ran pretty sweet. Only had 3 km on the new top end before the ride on Saturday so it was quite exciting and a little scary to watch it rippin up the ashphalt for the first few miles. Randy and I pulled the whole motor and the top end went to a few different places thanks to Cory. After all the machining was done and all the necessary parts aquired it came to motor assembly. With the watchful eye of Lloyd, Cory and I helped put this black hearted bitch back together. It's now bored 20 os. Nabbed some sweet pistons and rings from DW bud Don to complete the jugs. As the motor was awaiting parts I cleaned and painted the frame. Reassembly commenced. Finally got it all together and by setting the pushrods only a mear 3-4 times to get em right, then finding out this fukr has a solid lifter setup and resetting the rods again, it fired to life!! A few test rides around the block, new battery and a couple adjustments and it was ready to ride once again!!

Thanks to all the dudes that helped me with this project, I definetly couldn't have done it without you!! And special thanks to Kelly for being so patient with me while I lost my mind with fixing this little fucking nightmare!