Putting Miles On!!

Well I got some good miles on my bike this past week, rode 6 days in a row, said fuck the 4 miles of gravel to work and rode with the open belt,no rocks! This past wednesday Hippy and I rode to Mossbank for a couple beer, rode home for some of his moms home brew and when I got home I rolled into the my shop, shut the bike off and oil was just a pissing out! Lost most of the oil for the second time this year ha! Got lucky both times though. Easy fix, just the drain hose ripped off some how,10mins fix on the thursday after work and El beardo and I rode to Gravelbourg for supper. That rode sux so much, I jumped my chopper atleast 4 times off of potholes, Beardo said my front tire was atleast a foot off the ground the one time..
Bikes still entacted so fuk ya!   ps.. I fucking love this bike!!
Hippy had to borrow his brothers big bagger, he told me
not to take a picture, but come on.. I had too haha!