Sukanen Ship Museum Show

Today was a great day. The sun was shining and there was a car show at the Sukanen Museum in Moose Jaw. That's a good enough reason to get out and ride. The museum has a lot of neat stuff to check out. My favourite is the blacksmith shop. Pretty cool to see how shit got done years ago. Too bad they never had the forge fired up. Apparently they do get it going from time to time.

1967 Plymouth GTX

Early Ford cab over

Roth inspired?

I really wanted to hear this one run

Early HD sidecar. This thing was really big, with all leaf spring suspension and a door!

DW Choppies

Beer Drinkers

And Hell Raisers

It sucked that Pot's clutch cable broke on his Triumph Chop. That bike is a fucking ruler!! Unfortunately I got no pics of it today.