Who says footboards don't belong on Choppers

After last weekend it became apparent I can't do any serious miles on my Buell Chopper with the forward controls the way they were. I just couldn't get comfortable and I was having a bitch of a time keeping my feet on the pegs. Fuck it, make some foot boards! I had some scabby old boards with no rubber sitting around for years. I cut up some swap meet mounting brackets and cut, bent, beat and welded up some new mounts. Then sandblasted everything and powder coated it all. They turned out completely awesome! Super solid and really clean, almost factory like installation.

Went to a skate shop and got some seriously hardcore grip tape. This shit is like 20 grit.

Cut it to shape and stuck it on. Looks awesome!

Freshly powder coated boards and new mounts installed on the left side

Right side. I still have to powder coat the brake arm.