R.I.P. English Don.

The Chopper world lost another icon. English Don passed away today. He was one of the main characters in the New York City Chopper scene. He was a co-owner in Psycho Cycles, which received tons of ink in the David Snow years of Iron Horse magazine. English Don was one of the main players responsible for bringing the NYC Chopper scene to the masses. Hardcore, no nonsense chops to survive the mean streets of New York City. It's no secret of the influence he had on myself and others. To me this style of chop is timeless and so fucking cool.

Babylon Taxi

Early Biz card with a David Snow doodle (which I got inked on myself)

The Bayonet Bros. I've heard a funny story as to how they got that name.

Ride Like Hell Don. R.I.P.