24 minutes....

...to realize this years Cycle Mania was the biggest waste of my time since I don't know when. I won't be back so long as it's associated with trash alley either - the fast food drive thru equivalent of tattooing. What a disgrace for the industry.
The bike side was a 1/3 the size as years past and the only dealers represented were Redline HD, and the KTM dealer from Martensville. Usually this was a good spot to check out all the bikes for the new model year from the majority of the manufacturers out there - not this year though. Weak. Very few customs as well, and even fewer that I havn't seen before.
Some scraps worthy of the DW:

Van from the Bastards

Shiny Shovel

1938 UL

1942 45"

And my pick for "best in show" 1932 "B"(because its the upgraded 8hp model instead of the standard 5hp model lol)