Making a seat

I thought I'd try my hand at covering a seat. I was gonna send it out and get some leather tooling done, but just couldn't think of anything I really wanted. I decided a plain black leather saddle would look best. I picked up some super thick leather and some closed cell foam and got at it.

Here's the seat pan. I welded the hinge right to it to keep it low profile. Here's the stuff I used.

I glued two layers of foam together then glued it to the seat pan. A pillow stuffed in a garbage bag held the shape of the foam then I weighed it down with some of Miller's finest.

Waiting for the foam to dry I rough cut out the bottom chunk of leather and made some holes for the air spring mounts on the seat pan.

I got the foam shaped with the help of a scotchbrite pad on an angle grinder. That really did a great job of shaping and smoothing. It was a huge fuckin' mess tho. Foam everywhere!

Foam is all shaped and I glued the bottom leather onto the pan. It's beginning to take shape

Then I cut out the top leather about an inch bigger then it needs to be. I got it soaking wet and then covered it with contact cement- don't worry, the glue still works, it just takes a bit longer. When the leather is wet it's super pliable. It stretched over the seat foam and looked great. I then got some shitty dollar store clamps to clamp the two halves together. They sucked big time. I had a whole container of these little spring clamps so I used them instead. They worked awesome! 

I let it dry over night and then took it to a local dude to sew up. The little binder clamps left black stains on the leather, which is some kind of reaction bare leather has I'm told. Good thing it's getting dyed black! All in all this will have cost me just under $100 bucks, but the satisfaction of doing it yourself is priceless. The fact that it turned out completely fucking awesome is an added bonus. I'll post some more pics of it when it's done.