Winter Inspiration

Well, its fukn February already for fuck sakes!! Usually by mid March or by the MJ Swap I've got a short boot on the shovel in already. Hoping this year is no different. Only had like 3 things to do to the shovel this winter and fuck am I draggin my ass! Got a couple tail lights from the sweet underground chopper parts network we have, which is killer seeing as the last swap meet was an almost complete waste of time. Thanks to Tyler and Pot for the goodies. Short but well overdue visits with both of you guys this week. Now just gotta get on some fabbin and get that shit mounted!! 

Also, good friend of mine Randy is blastin out a vintage 70's style rigid 650 Yammy chop. This thing is gonna be so sweet when he's completed and I certainly can't wait to shred side by side with him on the highway this summer. It hasn't ran in 15 yrs but he tuned er up last weekend and fired that bitch up and will soon have it annoying the neighbors as choppers were meant to do!!  

Awesome tank he and I will fab. I'll help with the easy part, cutting and bending and maybe holding for tacking lol. 

All I need now is to open this cocksucker and get drunk on its contents!!! No........not a bottle of wild turkey bourbon.......INSPIRATION!!!!
 And make an offering to the chopper gods..........
and maybe, just maybe I'll get something done other than posting on this fukn blog!!