RMAI Swap Meet Pre-Party Weekend

Had a pretty good weekend. Hosted a pre-swap party Friday night. Had a blast hanging out and talking shit with everyone. Drank way too much, but we still managed to get up and be at the swap meet before the doors opened. The swap meet wasn't real good, but I've come to the realization that we're not going to see tables full of awesome chopper parts anymore. It's still something motorcycle related to do and a reason to get together and party. I did pick up a decent tin type outer primary cover for my shovel. It has the starter drive re-enforcement in it. That was about it for parts.
Then tonight I took this dirty ass lump to the car wash along with a gallon of acetone and a brass brush. Holy shit that cleaned the baked on oil and shit right off. I don't think this beast has been this clean since it was new! Also, is there any way to not get fucking drenched to the bone while pressure washing an engine? Fuck!!