New Bars

I started on these bars a few weeks ago, and have been dragging ass on finishing them. I got 'em pretty close today. I wasn't sure what degree of bends I needed for these, so fellow DeathWheeler, Devin, bent me up 4 pairs of tubing with all different angles on his mandrel bender for me to use. After laying em out I had a pretty good idea of which ones I wanted.
Trying to make equal cuts is easier with this cheapo tubing cutter
Cut, drilled and turned down a tubing slug. Ready for welding
Beat together and ready to weld
I cut both the top pieces and drilled and welded the slugs into them. My buddy Don came over and he tacked one of the tops to the bottom with me on the bike holding them where they felt right. Then we mirrored the same degree of pull back and buzzed the other side on.
I made up the little threaded risers and coped them as best as I could. They still needed some lovin' with the flap wheel. I got them all squared up and tacked that shit.
All welded up and half way cleaned up. These things kick ass! I still need to trim a bunch more off each end, but damn these feel great!
They took me a lot longer then I ever expected, but I'm really happy with them. Just got to spend more time smoothing them and give them a coat of powder and they'll be good to go.