Panhead Progress

This weekend I got a few things done. I made a bullet proof adjustable fender bracket dealio and got my oil bag mounted. I also buzzed on a Biltwell seat hinge that I picked up from Devo at Prodigy. And I finally came up with a decent way to run an airbag seat suspension. Yeah yeah, it ain't period correct, but I want some comfort when I'm laying down the miles, and coil springs just ain't gonna cut it. Originally I was going to run two bags, but looking at the rating on these fuckers, one bag will suffice. The hard part is coming up with some kind of set up so the seat & bag doesn't bind on each other and still has some stability without being huge and shitty looking. Looking at the airbag and seeing a natural divot under a bunch of web bracing around the center threaded portion I ground up an old crappy 1" drill bit to cut away the hard plastic and then shaped it to fit a half round piece of 7/8" solid steel I made. I then welded this half round steel bit to some sheet metal attached to three points on the seat bottom. The parts and pieces are still very rough, but I'm super happy with how this is shaping up. It's so simple, yet totally functional. It locates the seat and keeps it square through all of its range. Plus there's no fucking around unbolting anything to lift the seat.