My New Chopper!!

Well after a few long weeks and through the first winter storm of the year, I finally got my new chopper
home. You probly seen the bike before but its now got a new home and owner and I am so pumped to
get this thing on the road the first chance I get!! Thanks Geoff for the sweet chopper, I promise to be good
to it! And thanks to Shawn  for drivin through the storm to get it! No thanks to mother nature as now I have
to wait months before I can ride it!!!

Shit roads from Mossbank to Moose Jaw, the rest were good.

 All loaded up in Milden!!!

A Random Barn Fire between MJ and Asstown, it was huge!

In the new shop\bar!
And of course in celebration we purchased a 66 of Jack and had a good first night in the new chop shop bar!