Big Twin Engine Stand

Here's a super simple to make engine stand for all Pans, Shovels and Evo Big Twins. Knuckleheads are the same style, but a different measurement. And who gives a fuck about a twin cam. This starts out as a chunk of 3/16" x 6" flat steel. Squared up and marked at 1-1/2" / 6-1/2" / 12" / 4-1/4" / 1-1/2"
Scribed a line at those measurements and took a cutting wheel and cut half way through the metal. This will ensure real nice and square bends.
I used a flap disc to get all the rust n shit off of there for a clean weld.
Bent 'em and squared 'em up to 90 degrees.
Welded all the bent and cut seams for added strength.
Works awesome! I just finished four of 'em. One more for myself and the other three for different folks. These are super simple to make, but if you can't or don't want to hit me up and I can knock one out for you.
If anyone cares, I've also made Sporty/Buell engine stands before. You can hit me up for measurements on those.