Out With The Old, In With The New...

After waiting all damn summer for one of these table lifts to come on sale, Princess Auto finally had them on for a decent price. I'm not a huge fan of the quality of tools and such from there, but these lifts are pretty decent. I have one of them already and really like it, so when this came up I jumped on it. Plus it's air over hydraulic!!

Now I can get rid of this old one that needs more work then I was willing to put into it. Don't worry, it's going to a good home and getting a re-do. I'm sure you'll see it here again.

Dis' bitch is heavy!

Got her un-crated and bolted the wheels on and built a new wheel chock for it. WAAAAY better than the pile of shit wheel clamp that comes with it.

There was no way this lift was long enough for my long bike, so it had to be extended. I made a one size fits all tire size hoop out of 5/8" round. No stupid clamps to worry about just cinch it in with the straps and you're good to go. I put a piece of 2" X 5" square tubing under the whole works for added strength. Plus I'm going to cut off those twisted braces and extend them out at least 12 more inches or so. It's got a bit of flex in it still. After that it should be golden.