New Hat

Every fall I freeze my face off riding in the cold. This year I thought I'd at least look into a full face and see whats out there. I tried on a few different helmets and felt claustrophobic almost instantly. Then I tried on this one with the flip front and it wasn't so bad. It was on sale so I bought it to at least give it a try. After a solid month of riding with this thing, the verdict is in. I FUCKIN' LOVE IT!!
I've rode in below zero with this thing and my face and head are warm. I thought I wouldn't be able to see very good out of it, but its not even that bad. My eyes don't water like crazy. I can hear my tunes and wind noise is almost non existent. Plus it's not trying to rip off my head like the beanie does. Will I wear it in the hot summer? Probably not, but for now it's all I'll wear. We got to make the most out of a short riding season and this helmet sure as hell helps. As long as there's no snow on the roads I'm riding!