Sunday Ride

El Beardo trekked into Regina Sunday for an early Sunday ride. After a little tuning and some breakfast we hit Prairie Harley for their Demo rides/Hot Rod show. Not a whole lot of cool bikes to look at other then ours(of course!), and one sweet lil Triumph


Northside Representin'!

 My buddy Mike's sweet Ford.

This one was so clean

Talking to this kat about his Hot Rod. This thing is so fucking low to the ground its crazy. The sensation of speed must be unbelievable in this bad bitch!

Some real FirePower!! Chrysler Hemi !!

Genuine, factory authorized Harley Davidson hat, glasses, chaps, gloves, jacket & boots required to ride these unbelievably bloated FLJKLNMOPXR Pillow-Glides

Baddest bikes there...

After mostly hanging around the Hot Rod guys we split there and toured around the city for a bit, then met up with our pal Stanree and then hauled ass out to Lumsden bar for a drink. As soon as we mounted up to leave the skies opened up and poured on us all the way back to town. It was so bad at one point some dude on a Goldwing had to pull over. Not us! Too stupid I guess! If ya ain't tasting dirty ass road water off the front wheel, ya don't ride! All in all it was a great day of hangin' out and riding choppers. It don't get any better then that.