Few More Maryfield Pics

Only snapped a few pics this trip. Too busy tellin stories about awesome times and drinkin whiskey.

Jack/coke and a fukn pickle. Hippy's special. He even had our waitress bringin my drinks like this!!

Brendan and Hippy ready for some choppin on the DeathWheeler slab o' steak

Thanks to Darby, Adam, JK and of course Shtanree and his wife for makin the ride out and partyin with us. Awesome ride and hope we didn't spray ya with too much 20/50 on the way there!

A giant thanks to Brendan and the staff for taking awesome care of our drunk asses. I highly recommend anyone and everyone to make the journey out the the Arlington Hotel and have a steak and say hi to Brendan and Amy. You won't be disappointed!  This trip was extra special cause the original 1st run Maryfield crew from 2010 were all in attendance on this one. That first one will always be the most epic one ever. Great ppl and great memories. We just hit over 30,000 blog views on Sunday!! Cheers to my fellow DeathWheelers and the great friends we've made in the last year. More choppin', drinkin', ridin' on the horizon thats for sure! See you Muthafukas on the road...........maybe the side of the road but we'll be there!!

JK, Gelvis, Cory and Hippy Maryfield showdown-downtown