Death Wheeler Maryfield Steak Run

This past weekend, damn near the whole DW crew (minus Devin) rolled out to Maryfield for some kick ass steaks, copious amounts of liquor, and shenanigans. The weather was amazing, the ride was awesome, the hospitality was second to none. The Death Wheeler crew is always treated like royalty by the bar and locals alike. This year was no different.
There's a total lack of pics at the hotel. This could be due to the fact of the amounts of whiskey flowing. Here's some of the pics I managed to take:

Potgorney on his Triumph-ant shakedown run:

Gelvis rollin' Dirty

El Beardo soaking up the miles

Buell Chop with new tune-up and Carb flat out. Wavy gravy!

Gas stop

 Best fuckin' steak around!

The ride of shame. Pot's scoot ran awesome but had a slight (ha ha!) oil leak and some clutch issues. My pile was running super wicked awesome until the battery took a shit. This thing has gone through three Odyssey batteries this year. These are supposed to be the be-all-end-all performance battery. Fuckin overpriced junk. I'm done with them. Back to Deka I guess. This is by far my most reliable bike and for it to be the one that crapped out, it REALLY pissed me off.
Thanks to Kelly for picking up our sorry asses! You rule!!

 Beautiful Arlington Hotel in scenic downtown Maryfield

 Last but not least, the Dirtiest Hippy I know!

All in all everyone had a great time. I think we could go damn near anywhere with this crew and have an awesome time.