Radial Master Cylinder Mod

I picked up a brand spankin' new radial m/c off of usedregina for next to nothing. It's originally for a GSXR750. Nissin brand. It's made for a 7/8" clip on, so it had to be opened up to fit my 1" bars. I ditched the big clunky reservoir and made a real nice n'clean one from clear tubing and machined a tiny little aluminum cap for it.

Brand new the way  got it

5 minutes on the spindle sander and it now fits the 1" bars

The only small aluminum stock I had was this 5/8" bolt. I cut the head off and then turned down this little cap

Knurl that shit! No pics of me parting it off. My parting tool right now is a hacksaw!

Ready for assembly

That's it. Ready to rock and roll. Not only is this way smaller and lighter, it should really help the performance and feel of the front brake.