Forward Controls. One piece at a time....

I wanted a set of black (murdered the fuck out. Ha!) forward controls for this bike but couldn't justify the cost. I had an old set of BDL's I considered powdercoating, but they sucked balls from the beginning. I also have a real nice set of JayBrake chrome controls but didn't want the hassle of taking em apart and taping em off for powdercoat. Then I seen an unbelievable deal on black controls on ebay. I jumped on em. Got them here and went to install em. Well my plan went all right until I tried to put it all together one night. That's when I realized something was definetely wrong. The dirty bastards sent the wrong ones! I go online ready to tear these fucks a new asshole only to find in my haste I ordered the wrong ones. These are for a motherfucking twin cam! Fuck sake!! I made this little locator thingy on the lathe. Screw it into the threaded hole and line up the new control plate and it marks the back side. Pull it off and you know where to drill. This worked awesome.
So I drilled it out so that it would fit
And with a little bit of help from an A-dapter kit
I had them forwards lined up like a song!
Johnny Cash would be proud! I actually raised these up a couple inches. They feel way better and now I have crazy ground clearance.