DeathWheelers do HiJinx

Awesome, no, completely fukn awesome day yesterday!! Great ride out to Echo Valley for the Northside Street Rodders show, Hot Rod HiJinx. Kool show with some killer rides for sure. Northside guys are super cool and we thank them for all the sweet stuff we won and the goody bags of free stuff!!!! I only got a few pics, more will follow from Gelvis.

Us all at Cory's shop for the back alley pre-ride meeting ritual. 3 shovels + 1 pan = are we gonna make it?? Fukn rights we will!!

 At the bar for some grub before the ride out to the valley. DW has the coolest lineups wherever we go!
3 of the coolest bikes in the valley. Kelly resting after hitting  some railroad tracks and almost air born and losing her off the back of my shovel!! Toughest chic ever, 130km/h all day with her on the back of the rigid. She deserves an award for sure!!
 Get home and Stroker watches Hippy bend up a rear seat section for the Honda project he's been workin on.
Q'n up some smokies and having some whiskeys in the shop after a 500km trip. Kick ass end of the day!!