St. Victor-DW Style

Had a fukn epic blast with almost all the DeathWheeler crew this year at the Boogie. We had a huge spot with like 16 tents. So many DeathWheeler friends were there and we gained a few new ones, extended the DW Tree of Chopper Gurus. Welcome and thankyou to Dave, Carlos and Jack. Awesome dudes for sure and real choppa enthusiasts. Thanks to Tyler for letting me rip the fuck outta his most awesome trials bike. Fuck I love that thing!!! Dirty Hippy kicked the burnout pits ass this year on his shovel. He was on a mission! Special thanks to everyone we partied with and had the pleasure of meeting. We all have taken great memories of another get together and stories that'll never be forgotten. We missed you Devan and Potgorny, always another run in the works ya know tho! Congrats to Devan on the new little DeathWheeler addition to his family too.

Didn't get too many pics cause Jack Daniels was holding my fukn hand all weekend but here's the few I got.
Getting ready to roll out together

 Awesome weather on saturday..........FINALLY!!!

 Best comment by a passer by " All the cool bikes got that sticker"
and.....ain't no party like a DeathWheeler party!!!!!