New Top End For An Old Girl...

At the end of last year my poor old '72 FLH was smoking worse then a grass fire. That and the clutch slipped anytime you got on it. Always has. With spring here and two bikes already in pieces I got a hold of El Beardo's buddy Randy to do the top end on her.

 It turns out a wrist pin keeper came out and messed up the rear cylinder. Easy fix, I scored a completely new top end for a 74" at a swap meet this spring. Nope that ain't gonna cut it. This thing has a big bore kit of some kind. Once we got it measured up it turns out this old 74" is actually a motherfuckin' ninety six cubic inch!! Yup 4-5/8" stroke with a 3-5/8" bore plus 0.200" taller jug! No wonder the clutch slipped! I got a new Primo clutch/belt drive to cure that shit.

After a massive fuck-up via j&p cycles, it's all buttoned up and ready to rock and/or roll!

If any of you guys have some decent fenders for this bike please let me know.

                                                       Smoking worse then a grass fire

Gouged out cylinder

She's never looked this good