Swap Meet Gold...

Hit the Medicine Hat Swap meet last weekend. I picked up a shit ton of smaller chopper parts, like a vintage Primo motor/trans plate, Ness narrow springer tree... My best score by far was the fresh Shovel jugs and pistons with pins/spiral locks. I got such a good deal it was almost criminal! I sure hope they check out!

Stopped in at Cork's Choppers as well. Met Johnny the owner of the place. What a super nice guy. We spent a ton of time hanging out shooting the shit and going through boxes and boxes of his stuff. I spent almost more time at his shop then I did at the entire swap meet. I picked up some more parts n' pieces from him.

Hit the liquor store on the way out of town for a big ol' jug of Whiskey and some Rum.

See you bastards at the next swap meet in Moose Jaw!!