Garage Time

Finally got into the shop and do some fab on the shovel. Gotta make a switch plate since I got rid of the bobs and I gots no dash now. Hacked up some stainless, cause thats what REAL bike builders make shit outta, into a goofy shape. Made some bends and some holes and shes almost ready. Switch will be on this side and the relays will be mounted on the back. All one neat package. Got out for a boot on the Ironhead today too. Too fukn nice out this afternoon! Pried the door open and blasted out for about an hour. I see I wasn't the only fellow DeathWheeler to hit throttle today! Fuckin' A Geoff!!! Busted the make shift tag mount I had on Kelly's bike tho. Time to make a tough as fuck one. Gonna make one that mounts off one side of the sissy bar as soon as I get the shovel back together and off the lift which will be very soon.

Kelly's Aunt and Uncle picked me up this vintage HD belt buckle at some antique store friday! Its like mint condition, brass outlined and inlayed. Pretty sweet if I do say so myself, and I certainly do say so myself!