Check this shit out:

I modified a new tank for my Panhead with one of El Beardo's most awesome Frisco tank bottoms and made a new filler cap/bung (which isn't screwed on all the way in the pics) and petcock. After all that, it was a real bitch to find anyone to do the body work and paint. Just by chance I found a local dude on usedregina of all things. I dropped the tank n' fender off just before Christmas and picked it up today. I can't say enough about the awesome job he did! This bitch needed a whole lot of love and he knocked it out of the park!! These pics DO NOT do it any justice. Any and all blems are the fault of my pos camera. Seriously, this thing is flawless. I just wish the sun was out today to get some pics. It's now headed over to my buddy Kool Kat for some One Shot treatment. I can't wait to see this done and installed!
If any of you guys need an awesome painter let me know and I'll get ya fixed up.