Seeing as my old pipes wouldn't clear my new trans I had to make some new ones. The plan was to build a set almost exactly the same as my old ones. Well it didn't turn out that way at all. These are way more understated. I dig 'em.

I made these little filler pieces to put inside the pipe joints. They do a couple different jobs. First they help hold and align the different sections, and two they stop your welds from blowing through. Especially handy with mig. If you're tig welding them you probably wouldn't even need any filler wire.
Front pipe starting to come together

First piece on the rear pipe. Note shitty tacks on pipe flange. It's a bitch trying to weld upside down!

Rear pipe taking shape

Front pipe damn near doneRear pipe almost done

Standing back and looking at this, the rear pipe looks fukt. Cut the tacks and start over

This is looking much better

And done..... Except for finish welding, smoothing and making some heavy duty mounts.